Submission Instructions
Please prepare your papers based on Template & Instruction (word, LaTex).

Peer Review:
1. Peer Review Process:
The IoTCIT 2024 is committed to ensuring high-quality submissions. To achieve this goal, we have established a rigorous review process that includes both initial checks by assistant editors and peer reviews by experts.
The initial checks will focus on every essential part of the manuscripts, with particular attention to their relevance to the conference theme. Manuscripts that do not meet the theme requirements will be rejected, while those that fit the theme but have formatting issues or minor problems will be returned to the authors for revision.
Once a manuscript passes the initial checks, it will be assigned to 2-3 independent experts for evaluation. In cases of disagreement among peer reviewers, the article will be further reviewed by the technical members of the conference organizing committee.
Finally, the peer-reviewed articles will be submitted to guest editors who will evaluate the overall academic quality of all manuscripts. To ensure consistency in the review process, detailed guidelines will be provided to reviewers on how to evaluate manuscripts based on various criteria, such as methodology, novelty, and significance.

2. Requirements for Reviewers:
To serve as a reviewer for IoTCIT, it is crucial to uphold certain ethical standards. These include:
a. Timely Response: Responding within the specified time frame set by the journal is important to ensure the timely processing of the manuscript.
b. Constructive Comments: Providing reasonable and constructive feedback to authors helps to improve the quality of their research and manuscript.
c. Confidentiality: It is essential to maintain confidentiality by not using or sharing material from a paper that has been reviewed with others, except when the material has been made public.
d. Non-Distribution: Referees should not distribute copies of a paper they have been asked to review unless the material has been made public.
e. Conflict of Interest: Disclosing any potential conflicts of interest to the chairs of the journal before accepting to review a manuscript is critical to maintaining objectivity and impartiality in the review process.

3. Requirements for Authors:
a. The submitted papers must conform to the topics and scope of the call for papers.
b. The submitted papers must be innovative and present novel research perspectives, methods, or technologies. We encourage authors to explore cutting-edge issues in the field of IoT and propose solutions that are of significant importance.
c. We expect to receive well-designed and well-executed research papers. Before submission, please review and validate your research thoroughly to ensure accuracy, reliability, reproducibility, and compliance with academic standards.
d. Data and charts are important supporting and demonstrating materials in the article and must be accurate. Please ensure the reliability of the data source and pay attention to the correctness of the data analysis method.
e. The papers should be presented in a concise and logical manner. Please pay attention to the clarity of language and the accuracy of expression to ensure that the papers can be widely understood and accepted. And the papers must be expressed in fluent and accurate English without grammar errors, spelling mistakes, etc. For non-native English-speaking authors, please ensure that the article has been professionally edited and proofread by an English editor.
f. References should be as broad as possible and avoid focusing on any specific country or region, with at least 8 references cited. All cited references should be listed in the reference list and conform to the standard.
g. The length of the article should be appropriate, not less than 5 pages (including charts, references, etc.). Please pay attention to the layout format and font specifications.
We look forward to receiving your high-quality submissions and sharing research results with you at IoTCIT 2024.

1. Originality:
The submitted papers must not be under consideration elsewhere.
2. Duplicate Check & Anti-Plagiarism Policy: 
Every paper should be checked via CrossCheck, Turnitin, or other duplicate checking systems at their own expense. Otherwise, the authors should be responsible for the result of rejection due to plagiarism. All papers that are suspected of plagiarism will not be published or indexed and will be announced publicly on this conference website.
3. Submission Type & Method:
Please send the full paper to paper system (If you have previously submitted your manuscript via email at , you do not need to submit it again.). Before you submit your papers, please check all the information and make sure your papers are the final files.
4. Publication:
The acceptance papers will be submitted to an International Conference Proceedings.
5. Contact: 
Should you have any questions, or you need any materials in English, please contact us at