Workshop 39: IoT Security
Title: Using Edge Computing to Enhance IoT Security

Keywords: Edge computing, IoT security

Although the success in application of the Internet pushes development and applications of internet-of-thing (IoT), IoT devices are also exposed to attacks from the network, which raises the security issues to IoT devices. Being an embedded system, an IoT device faces more attacks from the network since there was almost no design work related to security in most IoT devices, such as a smart sensor because of the limitation of the devices’ calculation capability and available memory resource. Most new methods, such as using AI and machine learning used in computer security system may not be proper for an IoT device because they rely on complex calculation, large memory etc., which are minimized in embedded systems. Using edge computing to provide some security calculation for IoT devices is one solution to solve the IoT security problems. This workshop calls for works demonstrating the most recent progress and contributions to edge computing in IoT security. In particular, this workshop will focus on the follows (1) Studies in model of affordable edge computing at an IoT device for IoT security purpose; (2) Studies in edge computing model for IoT security; (3) Studies in using edge computing to provide possible security solutions to current IoT devices without security design, etc. 
Chair: Dr. Jack Li |
Purdue University Fort Wayne
Dr. Jack Li is an assistant professor of electrical engineering technology in the School of Polytechnic at Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW). His research interests are embedded system security, IoT security and engineering education. Before he joined in PFW, he focused on media multiple access (MAC) in mobile communication.