Workshop 38: Secure Wireless Communication Framework for IoT Networks powered by High Frequency Technique.
Title: Secure Wireless Communication Framework for IoT Networks powered by High Frequency Technique

Keywords: IoT, Communications, Cryptography, Reflex Klystron, FSK/MHFSK

The use of secured wireless communication is increasing due to the variety of areas it finds applications as shown in figure. 

In recent years,  it is observed ever-increasing numbers of wireless communication being launched; this itself shows the trend of work in communication field. Therefore, the investigation for new promising technologies and their use cases in secure IoT network communication has already started. In such future IoT communication networks:
1. Identified gaps due to incompatibilities on data model, dependencies on multiple users and restricted resource sharing. These gaps make the M2M industry to remain in the highly fragmented segments.
2. Access control is the front line of proper authentication and authorization for Internet of Things (IoT). However, common authentication systems in IoT employ conventional schemes, which suffer from overheads and centralization.
3.The reported challenges are related to portability, resource allocation, interoperability, computational power, and scalability which put restrictions to the use of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
To fill the gaps, mentioned in problems three things are identified: (1) defining and sharing common terminologies, (2) enabling to add semantic information, (3) exchanging semantic meaning instead of raw data. Based on these, a horizontal M2M architecture is required for providing secure interconnection between proprietary M2M systems and standardized M2M systems.
Chair: Prashnatita Pal (Member, IEEE) |
Burdwan University
He is a skilled Electronics & Communication Engineering and computer science professional. He has completed his master from Burdwan University followed by research work from Indian Institute of Technology (KGP). Also, he has prior teaching / mutual learning experience in an international environment from West Bengal, India. He will be happy to engage himself in quality teaching and research for Electronics & Communication Engineering or Computer Science related topics.
He worked as a Project Engineer for Scientific Timesharing System Limited (STS) Kolkata since June 2002 to June 2004. His assignments are to design, develop and maintain application software using state of the art technology. Now Working  as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Electronics & Communication Engineering, St Thomas College of Engineering & Technology, Kolkata (from September, 2006 to till now).He is also Reviewer  of IET Communications. His current research interests include underwater RF Microwave, Cryptography & Network Security Digital Communication, Error detection & Correction in Communication System IoT network & Block-chain, Industrial IoT, and localization.