Workshop 37: Communication technology evolution and planning from 5G to 6G

Keywords: Deep learning,Technological evolution,Digital twin,Terahertz technology,Three-dimensional network planning,Non cellular communication

5G has been deployed on a large scale, and the research of the sixth generation (6G) wireless communication network is being carried out all over the world. As a new generation of mobile network, 6G is usually characterized by a set of novel communication technologies, which provide unprecedented performance.We encourage prospective authors to submit related distinguished research papers on this subject, including new theoretical methods, innovative applications, as well as system prototypes. Its topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Digital twin technology
Integration of sensing and communication technology
Terahertz technology
Channel estimation technology
Location and perception based network
Artificial intelligence
UM-MIMO technology
Blockchain technology
Three-dimensional network planning
Non cellular communication
Dynamic network slicing
Holographic beamforming
Network planning
5G to 6G technology evolution
6G vision
Deep learning
Chair: Prof. Guangbin Xu |
Huaxin Consulting CO., Ltd
Guangbin Xu serves as a professor and master supervisor at Huaxin Consulting CO., Ltd. Besides, he is a Senior member of China Institute of Communications (CIC). He Won the honorary title of national excellent communication designer,High-level personnel and academic leader in Hanzhou City,and is an expert reviewer for AEIC.His current research mainly focuses on electronic technology, mobile communication, artificial intelligence, system integration.He published 4 books whichedited by a reputed publishing houseand published dozens of papers in IEEE top journals, conferences, and other publications indexed by SCI or EI. He acquired 5 granted patents, and writed 3 national standards.