Workshop 3: Smart Chips & Metamaterial & Antenna
Title: Advances in Phased-Arrays and Antenna Systems for IoT

Keywords: Phased Array, IoT (Internet of Things), Communication, Network

High in reliability, multi in function, strong in tracking and detecting, phased array antennas have been widely applied in radar detection, 5G/6G communications, meteorological observation and satellite broadcasting. With the increasing demand for high frequency, high performance and high integration, the traditional antenna structure design concept and system architecture need to undergo significant changes in the heat-dissipation design, radome design, smart structure design, electromechanical-thermal integrated design and full cycle health management. Besides, the wireless communication with the application of antenna systems is the first choice of communication when every physical thing being connected in IoT. The choice of an antenna system will be a critical component, and the adaptive control of the antenna performance in complex working a environment is also necessary, especially in real-time and robustness.
Chair: Dr. Yan Wang |
Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Yan Wang is a member of Chinese Institute of Electronics and serves as a reviewer of Electronics Letters, International Journal of Electronics and Communications and Recent Patents on Computer Science, etc. Her research area is mechatronics regulation techniques of radar antenna.