Workshop 5: Communication-sensing-computing Cooperative Network and Technology

Keywords: Communication-sensing-computing Integration, Cooperative Integration, Reconfigurable Architecture, Edge Intelligence, Distributed Computation, Satellite-Ground Integration Network, Computing-aware networking, Deep Reinforcement Learning

The huge amount of data drives the evolution of 6G network to intelligence, and the demand for computing power is growing rapidly. To solve the problems of insufficient communication performance, huge sensing data and unbalanced computing power at the edge of the network, the key technology research of communication-sensing-computation integration is carried out to realize the optimal performance balance of communication, sensing and computation, and enhance the endogenous intelligent sensing capability of the nodes.
This workshop aims to bring together the research accomplishments provided by researchers from academia and the industry. The other goal is to show the latest research results in the field of intelligent communication-sensing-computing integration technology. We encourage prospective authors to submit related distinguished research papers on the subject of both: theoretical approaches and practical case reviews. Please name the title of the submission email with “paper title_workshop title”.
Topics include (but not limited to)
  • Reconfigurable architecture and efficient network management of 6G communication-sensing-computing cooperative integration network
  • Intelligent green energy-saving modulation coding and intelligent access control with large connections and low latency for 6G
  • Real-time collaborative dynamic scheduling and performance optimization of multi-edge nodes based on communication- sensing -computing cooperative network
  • Robust and efficient deep reinforcement learning technology for communication-sensing-computing cooperative network
  • Communication-sensing-computing cooperative technology for satellite-Ground Integration Network
Chair: Prof. Zhiyong Luo |
Sun Yat-sen University
Zhiyong Luo is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Sun Yat-sen University, a candidate of "One Hundred Talents Plan" talent, and engaged researcher of Pengcheng National Laboratory. His research interests include satellite Internet, B5G/6G communications, intelligent computing, and artificial intelligence applications. He serves as the general expert of the Key Research and development program of The Ministry of Science and Technology "Broadband Communication and New Network" and the general expert of the key field program of Guangdong Province "New Generation Communication and Network". He participated in 99X/81X/93X and other key plans and was responsible for more than ten models and pre-research projects and general technology. He is in charge of the 863 program of the Ministry of Science and Technology for the development of professional digital communication network chips, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State software radio science and technology. Based on these projects, he published dozens of papers in IEEE top journals, conferences, and other publications indexed by SCI and Ei.