Workshop 6: Intelligent Information Processing, Computer Vision
Title: Image Processing and Application Based on Machine Learning

Keywords: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Target Detection, Feature Extraction, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing

Computer vision is one of the main application in artificial intelligence technology, which uses machine learning technology to detect and process targets from computer vision to provide efficient information services for automatic navigation, product quality detection, and target tracking, and provide effective technical support for the research and development of a new generation of intelligent robots. This topic mainly includes (but is not limited to): computer vision technology and application based on machine learning (deep learning), specifically including machine learning, deep learning, target detection, pattern recognition, digital image processing, etc.
Chair: Prof. Mansheng Xiao |
Hunan University of Technology
Mansheng Xiao serves as a professor and master supervisor at Hunan University of Technology. Besides, he is High-level personnel and academic leader in Zhuzhou City, China, Senior member of China Computer Federation, Senior member of Chinese Association of Automation, Evaluation expert of Natural Science Fund in Hunan, China, Evaluation expert of senior professional title of higher education series in Hunan, China and Evaluation expert of paper reviewing in several academic journals at home and abroad. His research area includes intelligence computation, intelligent information processing and big data technology.