Workshop 7: Internet of Vehicles
Title: Architecture and Recent Advances in V2X Network

Keywords: Internet of Vehicles (IoV), V2X, 5G/6G communication, Software Defined Network (SDN)

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) has attracted considerable attention due to its important role intelligent transportation. With the development of 5G/6G communication, the transmissions of a great volume of data and fast connections can be realized by the IoV. The IoV will be deeply integrated with 5G/6G technologies to realize a highly collaborative control among vehicles, roads, people and clouds, and automatic driving in the future. For the requirements of high mobility, high speed, high reliability, low latency, green and security communication, the architecture and key technologies of the IoV need to be deeply studied including the new architecture such as SDN for vehicle (SDN-V) or Software-Defined for IoV (SDIoV), the key techniques of spectrum sharing, resource allocation and scheduling, edge computing and unloading, routing technology, big data, security and privacy, Positioning, navigation and automatic driving.
Chair: Prof. Huiheng Liu |
Hubei University of Arts and Science
Huiheng Liu received a Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology. He joined School of Physics and Electronic Engineering of Hubei University of Arts and Science, where he is a professor and Dean of the Department of Electronics. His research interests include broadband wireless communication, intelligent vehicle control and networking. He participated in projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, the Provincial Natural Science Foundation and the Foundation of the Provincial Department of Education, etc. Based on these projects, he published 5 works and more than 50 papers.
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Ke Zhang |
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Ke Zhang received the Ph.D. degree in communication and information systems from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, in 2017. He is currently an associate professor in the School of Information and Communication Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. His main research interests are scheduling of mobile edge computing, design and optimization of next-generation wireless networks, smart grid, and the Internet of Vehicles. He has published more than 90 academic papers in leading academic journals and international conferences in recent years including IEEE TII, TVT, TITS, TCSS, WCM, VTM, etc. He is the recipient of IEEE ICCT 2021 and 2019 Best Paper Award, and IEEE SmartIoT 2019 Best Student Paper Award. He is/was the TPC member of IEEE GLOBECOM 2017 and 2021, ICAIT 2017, IEEE TrustCom 2021, the Publication Chair of BlockSys 2020, and the local chair of BlockSys 2021.