Workshop 10: Green Communications
Title: Green Cellular Network and Green User Equipment

Keywords:  Green Energy, Green Communications, Green Base Station, Green Internet of Things, Green User Equipment 

With awareness of the harmful effects to the environment and climate change, on-grid brown energy consumption of information and communications technology (ICT) has drawn much attention. Cellular base stations (BSs) are among the major energy guzzlers in ICT, and their contributions to the global carbon emissions increase dramatically. For the user side, user equipment is also estimated to be the leading energy consumer in the coming years, especially with the ongoing worldwide development of the Internet of Things. To achieve the carbon peak and neutrality goals, it is a radical energy solution to leverage green (renewable) energy to power modern communication system.
This workshop is to bring together the latest scientific results on green communications provisioned by academia and the industry. We encourage prospective authors to submit related research papers to contribute our sustainable and environment-friendly society. Please name the title of the submission email with “paper title_workshop title”. This workshop’s topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Green energy prediction
  • Green energy usage scheduling
  • Green energy harvesting
  • Green cellular network
  • Green communications
  • Green Internet of Things
  • Green user equipment
Chair : Prof. Xilong Liu |
Yunnan University
Xilong Liu received the B.E. degree in telecommunication engineering at Zhengzhou University and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2013 and 2019 respectively. He works as an associate professor at School of Information Science and Engineering of Yunnan University. His research interests include 5G/6G wireless communications, green communications and networking, drone-assisted networking, device-to-device communications, Internet of Things, and network optimization. He serves as reviewers and TPC members of IEEE premium journals and flagship conferences.