Workshop 22: Satellite Position Technology
Title: Research on Multi-source Fusion Navigation Technology

Keywords: Positioningand navigation, Indoor positioning, Multi-source integrated navigation, Information fusion

With the rapid development of location and navigation technology, location-based services bring better and better user experience to people. However, a single navigation source often can not meet the accuracy requirements of users, and is not robust and reliable, and in order to solve the problem that a single indoor positioning technology can not meet people's positioning requirements in complex environment, a multi-source integrated navigation technology is proposed. Compared with traditional single navigation source, multi-source integrated navigation can make full use of the advantages of each navigation source and provide the best location navigation service. Multi-source information fusion and multi-source fusion navigation technology are analyzed and summarized, and the commonly used multi-source fusion algorithms and performance evaluation of multi-source fusion navigation are described.
Chair: Prof. Xiyan Sun |
Guilin University of Electronic Technology
Xiyan Sun works asa professor of professional technology at Guilin University of Electronic Technology. Her research interests are satellite navigation and remote sensing. She serves as executive Deputy Director of national and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Satellite Navigation, Positioning and Location Services, member of China Beidou Second Generation Major Project Group, Executive Deputy secretary-general of China-Asean Satellite Navigation International Cooperation Alliance and Secretary-general of Guangxi Beidou Positioning Industry Association. She participated in CAPS National Special project, presided over one national special sub-project, and participated in "973", "863" and other projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology as the main project participant. In the past five years, she has presided over more than 40 scientific research projects, published more than 120 papers, more than 50 papers were included in EI/SCI, and won the Guangxi Innovation Prize, Guangxi Youth Science and Technology Award and other honorary titles.
Chair: Prof. Yuanfa Ji |
Guilin University of Electronic Technology
Yuanfa Ji works asa professor at Guilin University of Electronic Technology. His research interests include satellite communications, satellite navigation, real-time dynamic positioning and navigation receivers.He is also a reviewer of journals such as Journal of Astronautics and Journal of Beihang University. In recent years, he has presided over and participated in many scientific research projects, such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, sme Innovation Fund of Ministry of Science and Technology, and published more than 100 academic papers, including more than 20 papers indexed by EI orSCI. Currently researching projects: National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Defense Pre-research project, National major special project - Beidou Demonstration Application project and many other practical projects.