Workshop 31: Machine Learning and Quality-of-Service on Mobile Networks
Title: Deep Reinforcement Learning to Improve Quality-of-Service for Mobile Networks

Keywords: Machine learning, deep reinforcement learning,quality-of-service, mobile networks,data missing
Machine learning approaches have widely been used not only to realize some intelligent applications on communication networks but also to improve the self-performance of communication networks. In particular, the deep reinforcement learning(DRL) approach has obtained some successes in decision-makingfornetwork routing, congestion control, traffic engineering, resource allocationand scheduling, etc. Nevertheless, DRL brings about some adverse effects on network quality-of-service (QoS) for mobile networks especially, e.g., increasing the delay and delay jitter, due to the insufficient training led by data missing.
This workshop calls for works demonstrating the most recent progress and contributions to machine learning on mobile networks. In particular, this workshop will focus on below (1) DRL applications for mobile networks; (2) QoS considerations for mobile networks while using machine learning approaches; (3) DRL schemes indecision-making for mobile networks when data missing. But not limited to the above.
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Xin Yan |
Wuhan University of Technology
Xin Yan works as an associate professor at the School of Computer & Artificial Intelligence, Wuhan University of Technology. He is the IEEE and CCF members. His main research interests are machine learning on Internet of Things(IoT), mobile computing and wireless networking, software-defined network architecture and protocols, and modeling and analysis of complex networks. He obtained “3551 Optic Valley Talent Plan” of Wuhan city in 2015 and “Science & Technology Prize” of Hubei province in 2016, respectively.He is/was the leaders of several research projects funded by NSFC, Ministry of Education and Hubei Province, respectively.He is the author of three books and serving as the editorial board members of“American Journal of Networks and Communications (Science PG)” and “Journal of Computational Intelligence and Electronic Systems (American Science Publishers)”. He has publishedmore than 50 research articles on international journals/conferences (such as IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, IEEE Network Magazine, Computer Networks, Ad Hoc Networks, Enterprise Information Systems, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Physica A and Computer Communications), and 10 patents.