Author Guideline
Please prepare your papers based on Template & Instruction (word, LaTex).
1. Originality:
The submitted papers must not be under consideration elsewhere.
2. Duplicate Check & Anti-Plagiarism Policy: 
Every paper should be checked via CrossCheck, Turnitin, or other duplicate checking systems at their own expense. Otherwise, the authors should be responsible for the result of rejection due to plagiarism. All papers that are suspected of plagiarism will not be published or indexed and will be announced publicly on this conference website.
3. Submission Type & Method:
Please send the full paper to paper system (If you have previously submitted your manuscript via email at , you do not need to submit it again.). Before you submit your papers, please check all the information and make sure your papers are the final files.
4. Peer Review Process:
All reviews follow a single-blind process. All regular papers are reviewed by at least two reviewers, but usually by three or more, and rated considering their: Relevance, Originality, Technical Quality, Significance and Presentation;
The reviewers are also asked to answer a group of questions that may help the authors to improve the paper, should it be accepted, namely: Abstract and Introduction are adequate? Needs more experimental results? Needs comparative evaluation? Improve critical discussion? Figures are Adequate? Conclusions/Future Work are convincing? References are up-to-date and appropriate? Paper formatting needs adjustment? Improve English?
Finally, the reviewers can provide some free text observations which were given to the authors and also some free text private observations, made available only to the program chair. Conflicting reviews may require assignment of a new reviewer. In the end, the program chairs decide. The author has a period for rebuttal, which triggers a workflow involving the chairs and the reviewers if necessary. All rebuttals are answered but decisions are final.
5. Contact: 
Should you have any questions, or you need any materials in English, please contact us at
6. Publication:
The acceptance papers will be submitted to an International Conference Proceedings.
7. Papers would cite 8 works at least and 5 works of the worldwide literature would be cited.
8. IoTCIT 2022 encourages authors to invite foreign authors as co-authors of contribution, developing national academic communication,  promoting the in-depth development of scientific research.
Call for Papers
Topic 1.  Communication
  • Communication Transmission
  • Communication Signal Processing
  • Modeling and Simulation of Communication System
  • Wired Communication
  • Wireless Communication
  • Radio Frequency Communication
  • Microwave Communication
  • Network Communication
  • Optical Fiber Communication
  • Satellite Communications
  • Green Communication System
  • Antenna and Propagation
  • Cooperative Communication
  • Communication Technology and Application
  • Smart Grid Communication
  • Power Line Communication
  • Next Generation (6G) Mobile Communication
  • D2D and M2M Communication
  • Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Topic 2.  Internet of Things and Intelligent Technology
    • Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network
    • Wireless and Mobile Networks
    • Wireless Network Multimedia
    • Vehicle Network
    • Network Coding Technology
    • Network Architecture and Protocol
    • Network Security
    • Artificial Neural Network
    • Information Education
    • Information System Modeling and Simulation
    • Optical Networks and Optical Wireless Converged Networks
    • Computer Science
    • Internet of Things and Big Data
    • Cognitive Radio Network
    • Distributed Computing
    • Information Retrieval
    • Ubiquitous Computing
    • High Performance Computing
    • Pervasive and Mobile Computing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Next Generation Network and Internet
    • Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture
    Deadlines and Policies of  Registration:
    Registrations are accepted until: Conference Regular Papers: .
    After this date, non-speaker registration is still possible, although conference bags and proceedings are limited to the existing stock.
    If you are interested in giving presentation and publishing your paper on conference, you can choose to attend IoTCIT as Presenter. Send email to for further informationabout registration.
    Regarding to the registration fee, please send email to for further information about registration, including . In principle, there should be at least one author for each paper to participate in this conference. All participants should contact register via email firstly in order to participate in the conference.

    Privacy Clauses:
    The personal and related information collected through this conference website will only be applied to the conference service. It will not be transmitted for other use, and it will not be retained after the conference.